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March 10, 2006

Hey all. I've revamped the site in anticipation of Gary Numan's new album: Jagged, due out anyday now. Hope you like the new look. If you haven't yet, go to the Jagged microsite, where you can learn all about the new album, listen to a podcast interview, watch some video clips, and even get one of the new songs for free. You won't be disappointed!

The Sound Clips section has been taken down, and a new one "Covers" put in its place. Here you can download my Numan cover songs as and when they become available.

Also, Keith Beauvais, former Numan guitarist, sent me an e-mail along with his picture taken during a gig on the Outland tour. That can be found on his page in The Players section. Cheers, Keith!




Gary Numan is considered a pioneer of electronic music. In 1979 his blend of pop-music and futuristic sounds popularized the synthesizer, and new wave eclipsed punk as the next big thing. Over two decades in the music business, his styles have ranged from punk, synthpop, avante-garde, jazz-fused electrofunk, darkwave, and industrial. At the height of his fame in the early 80's, he had produced many top-ten hits. "Are Friends Electric?" went to number one in the UK, and "Cars" was number one in several countries.

In the mid 80's, he started his own record company: Numa Records. His albums only enjoyed moderate sales until he signed with IRS records in 1988 (IRS went bust in 1992). He then went back to Numa, to release one poorly received (but fair) album, which was shortly followed by a return to form and successful tour.

In 1998, Numan's career picked up when he was signed to Eagle Records, and his album "Exile" was released worldwide. His first U.S. tour in 16 years followed, and he received invitations to remix a song by Project Pitchfork (I Live Your Dream), and appear on Fear Factory's "Obsolete" album.

A tribute album was put together by his old label, Beggars Banquet, called "Random," and featured bands such as Dubstar, Republica, Gravity Kills, The Orb, and others. Marylin Manson, Foo Fighters, Fear Factory, and Nine Inch Nails have also covered his songs.

1999 saw him building Alien Studio, where he recorded the album "Pure," which was released in 2000 and well received. Pure was inspired by the industrial music Gary heard while touring in the U.S., and is, overall, a strong aggressive album balanced with some of the most heart-rending ballads he's ever written. The album was followed by a tour of the UK, Europe, and the United States.

In 2005, before Gary's house and Alien Studio were demolished, ala Hitchhiker's Guide, to make way for an airport runway, work was completed on "Jagged," his first album in five years. It is co-produced by Ade Fenton, and released 13 March 2006.


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