May 16, 2005

I received an e-mail from none-other than Tim "Tikky" Dry the other day, announcing that the musical duo Tik & Tok (beloved supporting band on Gary Numan's '83 Warriors Tour) have reformed to make some brand new music for 2005! For more info on Tik & Tok, check out their page in the Players section, or go to their official site: www.tikandtok.co.uk.

Some more good news for you Numan fans out there -- work on Gary's new album is going well, and the tentative release date (big emphasis on tentative here) is October 2005. I for one am excited as hell! In the meantime, I highly recommend the new album "With Teeth" by Nine Inch Nails.

March 09, 2005

Hi all -- Now online is a page devoted to Jim Collin's new CD "I Am Gary Numan (Limited Edition). You can find it in the Fandiscs section, or click right here.

You may notice the Navbar is a little different -- well I decided to replace the flash one with a regular Html model (I haven't used flash in ages so I wanted to simplify things). Also, the message-board is gone, and so too is the old "no-frames" version.

March 10, 2004

I've cleaned up some of the album cover images by rescanning some and getting a few from online sources, and updated both "My Collection" and the Discography.

March 05, 2004

Whoa! It's been a year and 3 days since I last updated this place! Is that crazy or what? It's true I've not had a lot of time to update DAL but I thank all of you for your patience and for stopping by in the first place :) I've got quite a bit of work to do here but this is just a "quickie" to let you all know about my new cover version of Everyday I Die. You can download the track free on The Manitou page in "Fandiscs." Enjoy! And I hope to have some more goodies for you shortly.

March 02, 2003

Hi everyone! In the clips section this update you'll find two brand new Gary Numan tunes: Ancients & Crazier. These are taken from "Hybrid," a remix album released to celebrate Gary Numan's 25th year as a professional musician. Remixes by Andy Gray, Sulpher, Alan Moulder, and others of old and new Numan tracks. If you're a fan of industrial music I highly recommend it!

There are about six interviews new to the interviews section, a mixed bag this time: one from 1998, a couple from 2003, and also an interview with Canadian performer Nash The Slash, who played on the 1981 "Dance" LP, and appeared live with Gary on the Teletour and at the Wembley concerts. Nash has had a long and varied career of his own, performing as a solo act and as part of the rock group FM. Thanks to Dean Mason and www.stickmancomics.com for conducting this interview and giving me permission to add it to the archives.

Last, but not least, two new additions to the links page: Night Talk, a site which brings you regular news of Gary Numan, as well as the likes of David Bowie and Kate Bush. Also: RruWorld, a fledgling site with reviews and scrapbook scans for you collectors out there.

August 20, 2002

Alright let's see what we've got here... Collection updated, The Manitou page in Fandiscs updated, & two new interviews.

I also went through all the links and deleted the out-of-date ones, so all should be working now. A few new entries as well, including: Sleepmachine, which is one of the coolest-looking Numan sites to come along in a while, and The Japan Website, whose webmaster helped out with some new entries in The Players section. There are now pages there for Rob Dean and Connie Filapello, as well as discography information for Mick Karn - thanks Paul!

Lastly, a couple tasty new sound clips for you - A Prayer For The Unborn (which was requested) and the Andy Gray remix of same! Mark, aka. webmaster of Sleepmachine, requested I shoot him in the head, but I'm afraid I'm all out of ammo just at the moment, sorry Mark - you'll just have to listen to what I've served up for now! ;)

July 22, 2002

Goodness! Look how long it's been! Well, I've made up for my lack of updates by putting a load more interviews online. A big thanks goes out to Paul Gifford for digging a lot of them up!

A clip of the elusive Mistasax 2 is in the Clips section (thanks Dom!) as well as Gary Numan's latest single "Rip" which made #1 requested video on Kerrang TV in June (and is currently back in again at #2), and entered the UK charts at 29. This is the first time Numan has had a top 30 song since 1986! Also, check out M.E. 2002 from the Rip promo single (thanks Steve!).

More to come, as I have to update the Fandiscs section.

May 11, 2002

I've added a link to Dean Mason's Lonely Ghost Project in the Fandiscs section. He and his band will be covering Numan's "Jo The Waiter" in the near future. In the meantime, you can download two free mp3s from his site.

Richard at Numanme is running a new competition on his forum, here are the details:

One lucky winner will win a SKIN MECHANIC TOUR PROGRAMME autographed all you have to do is be a member of the forum. The first member to post 50 times will win.

April 28, 2002

The link for Carbon-XIV's site is finally online in the Fandiscs section. Not much else new at present, but hopefully I should have a whole new set of tablature for you very soon.

March 14, 2002

Yep, I've been busy :) A new section "Fandiscs" is online. Here you'll find fans who've created Numan-inspired music, and some who've paid tribute by covering his songs. There are some free previews, and also some songs free to download.

Since I had to re-wire my navbar to make room for the new section, I decided to retool the imagery, spice it up with an excellent new font (Black Sam's Gold), and some animations. Various pictures have been retooled or replaced, and some sections have been tweaked.

You may also notice that "Exhibition" has gone. In its place is a simpler little page called "Interviews."

January 20, 2002

A clip of "Listen To My Voice" is online in the Clips section.

January 6, 2002

Xmas is out of the way, and so too is work on my new CD - "Dark River." For realaudio clips and other goodies, go to the music section of The Manitou's Lair. (plug! plug!)

I'd like to thank Richard from Numanme, Jay from Praying To The Aliens and the folks at I Dream Of Wires for publicity and feedback regarding my cover of The Seed Of A Lie. :) I've added a realaudio clip of the full song for those of you with slower connections.

I went back and dug up my attempt to cover Tracks, and decided to program whole new sections for it - the result you can hear in the clips section - Tracks the dance version. Quite a different take on the song, as I'm sure you'll agree.

Also new this time around - a handful of interviews have been added to the Exhibition section.

December 26, 2001

I hope you all had a great Xmas :) Just a quick update - an mp3 of my cover version of The Seed Of A Lie is available FREE in the clips section.

October 11, 2001

The new url is:


Please update your bookmarks, and links if you've linked to me. Thanks!

October 10, 2001

Well... what can I say? I'd just submitted DAL's new url to a whole whack of search engines, changed the url in all the web rings I'm a part of, and then zoop! Digitalrice turned off its servers a second time and they're still down as I write this. But good ol' Joey Lindstrom at the Numanfan server hooked me up with some space and I'm back in business. I'm dreadfully sorry for the delay.

There's not much new on the site at present, but that will of course change now that I'm back online. Check out my Collection to see a really sweet signed item sent to me by my good friend Stan "Prisonmoon" King, who happens to have a new version of Club Prisonmoon up and running at Yahoo Clubs. His website now has its own domain name http://www.prisonmoon2002.com.

My email address will be changing soon also - I'll keep you posted!

July 27, 2001

Well, DAL's new url is:


I'm told this is the LAST time it will change, so let's hope so :)

I replaced the message board with a free script from sourcecodecentral.com, with some tweaks of my own thrown in. The message size has been drastically reduced to 250 characters per post (about two/three lines), but aside from that I have complete control over the thing so it won't go disappearing suddenly because of lack of traffic (like the last one did). Insert picture of my head exploding here ;)

July 20, 2001

An update at last! Thanks for bearing with me - summer jobs, etc... etc... plus a lack of new material for the site have had the ol' thing in mothballs for a while :) Firstly, the Message Board has imploded so that link will not be operational for the time being.

The musicians section has two new faces in it, those of Rob Holliday and Monti of the band "Sulpher." They have an official site www.sulpher.co.uk which I've also added to the links section. As well as band photos, news, etc... they're offering up a free mp3 from their debut album.

What would an update be without some new tunes? I've added two new sound clips: the classic "Are Friends Electric?" and also "Redirected Mail" by Dubstar (which Gary guests on). I just found out yesterday that Dubstar are disbanding (after only their third album) which is a shame. Their cover of "I Die: You Die" is also highly recommended.

I've also made a minor correction to the tab for "The Seed Of A Lie," (how I wrote the wrong notes in the first place I don't know), and updated My Collection.

And finally, anyone interested in electronic music as a whole should check out a site I discovered called "Barcode." As well as a comprehensive News section, they feature reviews of the album and single releases from the likes of Front Line Assembly, John Foxx, Billy Currie, Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Basement Jaxx, and a whole lot more.

May 5, 2001

Well, just when I least expected it, I had to move the site. I think our new provider digitalrice.com may turn out to be better than our last host in the long run, so that's one good thing that came of it. Of course I'm faced with the nightmare of redirecting everyone who's linked to me to the new address:


Also new, a friend of mine, Jorge Martin, has a new Numan website called "Dance." You can find it in the links page, or click right here.

April 15, 2001

For Numan news this update, go to the DAL message board :)

A new Numan site has been added to the links section: Pure Numan. Also, three 2001 Numan interviews/chat transcripts culled from the internet have been posted in the Exhibition.

Hmm... I just noticed my ICQ indicator is on the fritz... wonder what that's about... :|

February 2, 2001

My friends, an update at last! Before I go into the regular routine of what's new on the site, I've got a couple of groovy things to tell you about. There will be a webcast of Gary Numan's concert at Birmingham Academy on February 15th. The webcast is being hosted by http://www.wembleytv.com and will be available to watch on the site any time after a few days after the gig. They're also taking requests for questions to ask Gary in their exclusive interview.

For those of you that don't have "Pure" yet, you might want to have a look at this Flash animation done by Lash 8: http://www.lash8.com/GN_PureLash8.html. Worth a look even if you do have Pure. This is very well done.

Jeff Mace, a new contributor of Keyboard Tab, has sent in 5 new tabs. You can find those in the Guitar Chords section. I've been learning Little InVitro, and will be uploading some minor corrections and additions to that file in the next little while.

The two new sound clips this update are "Do You Need The Service" (live version 'cos I don't have the original yet), and "I Dream Of Wires."

After a bit of confusion with the Pure Desktop theme, both files in the Exhibition section now contain the sound files and are independant of each other. And, thanks to my scanner, and Richard Churchward of the Numanme website, there's finally been a decent sized addition to the Musicians page. About 20 new pictures have been linked.

December 13, 2000

Hi everyone, this will probably be the last update until after Christmas, so I'll take this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays, and hope the fat red dude brings you everything you want this year o<:O)>

As promised, the Pure desktop theme is here in the Exhibition section, along with an interview which was on the Rolling Stone Magazine website at the end of November. You may also notice the new Flash intro to the site, featuring artwork and music from the new album.

Our new contributor to the Guitar Chord section, Kevin Wells, has sent four tabs - three of them new songs from Pure. I've also heard from a numanoid that can play quite a few Numan songs on drums. So there may well be some drum tab in the future :)

This update's sound clips are "I Wonder" and "Love Isolation." They go out to Nikki, who loves the lyrics but hasn't heard the songs yet. I was teary-eyed while editing these tracks last night, once again proof that Gary can write powerful songs.

Gary has been touring Europe in support of the Pure album, and Megalomaniac Productions shot some cool new pictures of Gary at the Austrian show. You can see them in their "shots from the wild side" section, which also has photo sections on Nine Inch Nails, Front 242, and some other great bands popular in the region.

If you have CD-ripping and audio editing software, here's a little something you might want to try: take the track "Fallen" from Pure and reverse it. The result is quite a surprise!

Lastly, in a moment of inspired sillyness, I rewrote the BasicJ page. If nothing else, it's more entertaining :) Take care everyone. - BasicJ

November 4, 2000

Two months have gone by since my last update - possibly the longest time I've gone withought updating DAL. September was largely taken up with moving house, organizing and cleaning both the old and the new place. Half of October was then taken up by a computer upgrade and the other half taken up by work. So, here's whats new:

First thing you'll notice is the new graphics here on the site, which I put together with Photoshop using images exclusively from Gary's new CD "Pure." I also got my hands on a copy of the CD last week, directly from amazon.co.uk. The CD is released in North America in 3 days, and I'll probably buy a copy of the U.S. version too - being that the cover will be different. So, if you haven't done so already, I highly recommend Pure to all of you. It's vastly different than anything that came before it. At times a sound will harken back to Exile, but overall it's much more industrial.

In the sound clips section there are about 7 new clips which have been requested over the last couple of months, plus a clip of a new song from Pure - A Prayer For The Unborn. It's one of my favourites from the album.

A couple of weeks ago The Sun UK hosted an e-mail interview with Gary. I sent in my question at the last minute the night before, thinking I might have missed the deadline. It took me quite by surprise when my question was answered AND put at the top of the interview. Just the other day a friend of mine in the UK told me that the interview came up on the telly over there. He and his family were watching and he saw my name and said "Hey, I know that guy!" So, there's my 5 seconds of fame! :) The interview, in its entirety, can be seen in the Exhibition.

Have a few more music tabs for you: Stormtrooper In Drag, Voix, M.E., and I Die: You Die.

I tracked down a copy of the film "Xtro" which features our good friends Tik and Tok as "the creature" and "commando" respectively. They offer a couple of good performances in an otherwise bizarre film, and on the Tik & Tok page in the musicians section I've posted a piccy of Tik in his creature suit. Very cool.

For those of you interested, Stan "Prisonmoon" King has put together a Numan fan club at Yahoo: Club Prisonmoon. Anyone's welcome to join. At the moment he hosts a chat every Saturday.

At Egroups.com my friend Kenny Mackins has started an egroup - Pure UK, for fans of Numan (obviously), as well as people into goth/darkwave music and going to gigs.

I had planned on adding a bunch more musician pages, but I'll get those ready for next update. Also in the works is a new Flash intro, to go with the new site graphics, and the Pure desktop theme I talked about last update.

August 29, 2000

My friends, lots of things happening with me. Writing, music, work, and moving house sort of eclipsed my work on the site this month. Took the time to do this update, and found I had tons of work to do on the site. I've only started, but here's what's happened so far.

Tim Dry www.timdry.co.uk sent me a copy of "Intolerance - The Very Be@st Of Tik & Tok" (which for 15 pounds, postage included, I highly recommend). Not only did Tik & Tok tour with Gary in 1983, they also recorded vocals over an alternate mix of "A Child With A Ghost" which appears on the CD alongside a host of other synth-pop/avante garde/funky-android coolness from the early 80s. Also of note to Numan fans is the song "Show Me Something Real" which features Gary on synth and backing vocals. Just pop along to his site for details.

I've gone through the discography and done some tweaking, and filled out the pages on Machine And Soul, Strange Charm, and... Pure! I've also validated all the addresses on the links page. A few sites have disappeared since I went through them last, and a few new ones have popped up.

Oh yes, there's now a page about Zaine Griff in the Musicians section (which is in the middle of an overhaul). Although there's no bio information at the moment, it does have a partial discography and a picture. Zaine appeared on Numan's 1984 album "Berserker."

Clip of the week is Glitter And Ash, an instrumental b-side from 1982's "I, Assassin," and a cracking song it is too! I couldn't help thinking this song would have been great played live.

Couple of new keyboard tabs online - Scar, and This Is Love (two excellent songs by the way). And also a new artwork in the Exhibition - a smaller version of which is on this page here. I plan on putting together a desktop theme totally based on the new album when it's out.

I'm sure if you're like me you're anxiously awaiting the release of "Pure." I have nothing but high hopes for this CD, and wish Gary the best of luck with it. I believe Gary is taking a much needed holiday at the moment, soon to be followed by a concert to promote the album. Sadly, I won't make it to England to see that particular show. 2001 should offer plenty of opportunities to see another. I'm off to see Eiffel 65 on the 30th, which will tide me over. For now ;)

August 1, 2000

Just a small update for now (so much to do...). My Message Board became deceased a week after it was created (keep away from cgi2go.com!) so I've replaced it with a fully functional one from disc.server.com. Here's hoping this one lasts longer!

June 21, 2000

Thanks to Steve Gregory we have a bio on Nash The Slash in the musicians section. Also this month: some new keyboard tabs, a new pictorial in Exhibition, updated links, and a new sound clip - My Dying Machine.

May 28, 2000


Jim Collin's tribute CD "The Church Of Gary Numan" was released officially, legally, and with consent from the Numan camp on May 21! DAL is now taking orders, just follow the link below, or go to the Fan Tribute section :)


Now, back to our regular update :) A touching request in the Clips section, "Whisper Of Truth" which Gary played live at the Shepherds Bush Empire in April to honour his friend and long-time flying partner Norman Lees, who died in a tragic plane crash.
Also updated this time around - my collection page.

May 5, 2000
Just a couple of new things around here: Check out the fan tribute section to find out about "Replicas Rodento." And be sure to check out the New Wave webring DAL has become a part of. You can find that at the bottom of the page.
Some new goodies in my collection - "Ghost" and some earlier concerts.

April 6, 2000
So far, the intro animation I made has had rave reviews! As promised, the enhanced version of the site now has a new navbar, also made with shockwave flash. Hope you like.
My collection has been updated to include my third numan video. Oh, and the survey section has been retired. Thanks everyone who contributed.

April 2, 2000
I've been learning how to use Macromedia Shockwave, hence the animated intro DAL has acquired. I'm working on a new navbar for the enhanced version of the site, so let me know what you think of the changes.
In the latest Numan interview on NuWorld, someone asked about guitar chords. I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but for the last week or so I've had my collection of Numan CD's in my room, and have done upwards of ten new pages of guitar chords and keyboard notation! Including some of the newer songs such as Dominion Day, Dark, and Innocence Bleeding, which is really a great song to play on keyboard. Hope you enjoy 'em, and, more to come!
"The Image Is" is the latest sound clip, plus the Gary Numan mix of Project Pitchfork's "I Live Your Dream." There's some info on Pino Palladino and Billy Currie in the Musicians section, and I've added a new numan logo to Exhibition.

March 14, 2000
To help dispell the rumours and misunderstandings regarding the pending release of Gary's new album, I've started a page to keep you informed about the facts, called "New Album Updates."
Some links were updated, and added - among them Jim Collins' new Church Of Gary Numan website (under construction). I'm sure he'd be pleased if you stop on by and sign his guest book sometime.
Since I don't yet have my hands on any audio of the live version of "friends," the new Numan Clip this month is "This Is My House," accompanied by a catchy little song by John Foxx (formerly of Ultravox).
My Collection grows - I recently received my first two NUMAN VIDEOS!!! Woohoo!

February 27, 2000
Looky! I've been busy and created yet another new section to amuse you all :) I call it: Exhibition, a place for numan-inspired artwork, and Numan Network logos. Buzz on in and check it out.
I've updated the Fan Tribute section, with the latest news concerning Jim Collins' "Church Of Gary Numan" tribute CD. There are also sound clips from the album, and my review of it.
Other things I've done around here - I've tweaked the site to make it more compatible at higher screen resolutions, updated My Collection, and the Links.

February 4, 2000
A new section has been added to the roster this month - the "Fan Projects" section, which will be home to Numan tributes by fans around the globe. The first, a complete CD album of Numan cover songs by U.S. fan Jim Collins, called "The Church Of Gary Numan: A Dark Celebration." Find out all about it here.
The new Numan clip this month is "Bombers," accompanied by "I Live Your Dream," by Project Pitchfork. Numan remixed this song in 1998 and a clip of that remix will appear next update. :)

January 1, 2000
Well, we made it through that Y2K non-event. Wahey!
You may notice a couple of new pictures (I've been playing with photoshop again), and the Clips section and Discography have been revamped somewhat. Links to "The Prison Moon," and "Forever In Black" have been added, new guitar chords "Basic J," and "Something's In The House," a new clip of the week (month?), some new stuff in my collection, and a link to my Album promo site in the me section.
COMING NEXT UPDATE - The Church Of Gary Numan: A Dark Celebration. Get the skinny on this album of Numan covers, crafted with love and care by Jim Collins - an independant artist and fan!

December 16, 1999
DAL has a new face for the end of the millenium. This will be the last update until 2000! (So much to do, so much to do...) Boy, where did the century go? Oh well, updates - A new clip of the week, and some new goodies in my collection! Also check out my new sound clips in the "me" section.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL, FROM BASICJ!!! Seeya in the new one!

November 16, 1999
Whoof! Clip of the week be here, and I finally got the last entry of the discography online - Human. There's a page about Nick Beggs in the musicians section, and even a page about me on the main page. How's that for productivity?

November 8, 1999
Clip of the week #3 is online. (Sorry for the delay, folks! I've got the next 3 weeks worth of clips all set to go - so with a bit of luck the clip of the week will arrive weekly for a change).
In the works: Guitar chords for "BasicJ," a profile on Nick Beggs, and a showcase page for my own album (not coming to a store near you!) made on my computer.

October 12, 1999
Clip of the Week #2 is here, and also some more guitar chords/tab. I've two new CDs in my collection too. My page on Nick Beggs is a bit delayed, but I'll try and get it ready for next update. :)

September 22, 1999
The clips page is finally up and running PERFECTLY, thanks to Andy West. Enjoy!

September 16, 1999
This update came late due to redrival.com (my host) crashing and reinstalling their file manager. I'm now back in business, so here's what's new:

Well, due to problems with my MP3 storage facility, the clips section is temporarily on hold. Hopefully I can find somewhere to put my clips so I can return the page to its former, if nonexistant, glory.
Tablature for "Photograph" is online, and a profile on Bill Nelson in the Musicians section. Hey, and I now have Berserker and Sacrifice Extended in my collection!

August 23, 1999
Hey, a new section! CLIPS! Where you can hear a new clip of one of Numan's songs every week! Not only that, but you can also hear cool clips from other bands in BasicJ's collection. Check it out!

And scroll down to see the new stylin' picture of your's truly in numanesque mode. Not bad, eh?

August 17, 1999
A couple of new pages in the "Musicians" section: a page on Tessa Niles, and a page on Tik & Tok (thanks to Tim Dry for the information!).

August 7, 1999
Some new tunes (for keyboard) in the "Guitar Chords" section, submitted by: Legion. I'll be adding some more very soon!

July 25, 1999
I've been shopping (yay!), and have expanded my collection by 2 CDs and 1 LP. I might be adding some reviews in my collection section soon.

You can now see if I'm online or not, with my ICQ status monitor - which you can check out if you scroll down to "Your Host."

Also, I've slimmed down the load time a tad by removing the background sound and making some images smaller in bytes. Got to keep you 14.4 modem people happy :) *laughs!*

July 17, 1999
Well, the five-part Musicians section is finally up. There are a few pictures and info snippets there. I've been digging for more information, and have turned up more than I bargained for in some cases. So expect to see this section expanding in the near future!