"I bet they're wrong, I know they are, 'cos I can play this here guitar"

Due to popular demand, this section of DAL serves as an archive of Gary Numan guitar chords and keyboard notation - transcribed by fans like myself who have at least a little musical talent (heh). They aren't guaranteed 100% correct (although I am getting better at this!), so feel free to submit corrections, or music from your own collection :)

Airlane (Keyboard) NEW!
Are Friends Electric? (Keyboard) NEW!
Basic J (Guitar)
Bombers (Guitar)
Cars (Keyboard)
Dark (Guitar)
Dominion Day (Guitar)
Down In The Park (Keyboard)
Down In The Park (Guitar)
I Die: You Die (Guitar)
I Die: You Die (2) (Guitar)
I Die: You Die (3) (Keyboard) NEW!
I'm An Agent (Guitar)
Innocence Bleeding (Keyboard/Guitar)
Jo The Waiter (Guitar)
Listen To My Voice (Guitar)
Listen To The Sirens (Guitar)
Little InVitro (Keyboard) NEW!
M.E. (Keyboard)
Me! I Disconnect From You (Guitar/Keyboard)
Moral (Guitar)
My Shadow In Vain (Guitar)
Oceans (Keyboard)
Photograph (Guitar)
Pure (Guitar)
Rip (Guitar)
Scar (Keyboard/Guitar)
The Seed Of A Lie (Keyboard)
Something's In The House (Guitar)
Steel And You (Guitar)
Stormtrooper In Drag (Guitar/Keyboard)
The Machman (Guitar)
This Is Love (Keyboard)
This Wreckage (Keyboard) NEW!
Tracks (Keyboard)
Voix (Guitar)
War Songs (Guitar/Keyboard)
We Are Glass (Guitar)
You Are In My Vision (Guitar)

Contributors: Moral, Legion, Kent Wadenpfuhl, Kevin Wells, Jeff Mace, and BasicJ.