Zaine Griff

Information provided by Sam at Fahrenheit 451, the Zaine Griff home page.


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Solo Albums
Ashes And Diamonds 1980 Automatic Records
Figures 1982 Polydor Records

Guest Appearences
Screemer In The City (single) In The City (main vocals)
David Bowie Scary Monsters (w/bonus tracks) New versions of Space Oddity,
Panic In Detroit,
and the unreleased Rebel Rebel.
Gary Numan Berserker The Secret (backing vocals)
Yukihiro Takahashi What, Me Worry? This Strange Obsession (Words & Music, Bass Guitar and Vocals)
The Real You (Backing Vocals)
Disposable Love (Backing Vocals)
The Kinks Misfits (bass overdubs on all tracks).

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