Nick Beggs

This information was found on Nick's website: "Interactive Beggion 2000".


In 1979 Nick left Barnfield College in Luton after studying graphics and fine art as a freelance designer.

He formed the band "Kajagoogoo" and spotted Limahl to front the band, in 1980, then signed with EMI Records in 1982. Since the beginning, he was heavily involved with the development of the music, artwork, images and videos for the band.
In 1983 he promoted the first single "Too Shy" with the other band members, toured and embarked on a major album promo campaign. He also co-wrote, played, arranged and toured on all the band's three LP's including six singles. He sang on three.

He worked for two years on song writing for other artists and solo material from 1985 to 1987, when he formed "Ellis Beggs & Howard" with Simon and Austin. He co-wrote the "Homelands" LP including the hit single "Big Bubbles, No Troubles". Still he remained an active part of the artwork and presentation for the band. He also musically directed the "Homelands" tour, supporting Bo Diddley, Ronnie Wood, Roachford and T'Pau.

In 1990 he wrote with Mark Shaw, Gary Numan, Cliff Richard, JJ Belle, Andy Richards, Phil Picket and Pete Vetessi. Then 1991 saw him touring with Cliff Richard, and he recorded material with Steve Howe, Niagara and Sally Oldfield.
He joined the "guitar Institute" in 1992, teaching bass guitar and Chapman Stick, and continued to write with EBH and IONA.

In 1993 he joined Phonogram Records as A&R Manager. He signed two acts to the label, and worked with the band "Let Loose." He A&R'ed the hit single "17", which achieved a position of number 11 in the National Charts. Due to a management change in March of 1994, which rendered the entire A&R department redundant, he left.

That same year, he continued writing and touring with IONA, and recorded and toured with Warren Cuccorullo and Vinnie Colauta.

In 1995 he was Invited to join "Alphaville" as musical director, and worked with the band at their Berlin studio for a number of months. Later, he was invited to join "Belinda Carlisle's band" as bass player for the recording of her LP, "A Woman & A Man". He spent three Months in Malibu making the record with producer David Tickle.

He continued to record and play live with Belinda, acting as Musical Director until October 1996. The band toured supporting Rod Stewart, Mike & The Mechanics, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Paul Young and Zucchero. He continued to play various sessions on bass guitar and Chapman Stick for artists as varied as Tina Turner, Michael Bolton, D-Ream, and Howard Jones. During a promotional trip, he was approached by Kaz Utsunomiya (Senior Vice President A&R, Epic U.S.) to produce and write for a new Japanese artist known as "Cozi". He arranged, co-wrote and produced a mini CD for her titled "Naked Sun", which featured high on domestic Japanese radio and received excellent Reviews. He worked with a new Irish band called "Celtus" co-ordinating song ideas and helping with direction. The band went on to be signed by Muff Winwood to his label, S.2.

In 1997 he continued to write, arrange and produce a further nine tracks for "Cozi" released on Polygram Japan. He wrote and presented part of the music business curriculum for The Guitar Institute and Bass Tech (London), and went on to lecture at other music technology Colleges.

Nick currently has some unreleased material by "Ellis, Beggs, and Howard" which he hopes will see the light of day. If you are interested, you can let him know via his website.

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