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Nash The Slash has been creating his unique concept of sound and vision for over twenty years. His first live presentation of music to film was a performance to the surreal silent film "Un Chien Andalou" at the Roxy Theatre in Toronto.

Nash The Slash was born of silent film. The name comes from a killer butler encountered by Laurel and Hardy in their first film 'Do Detectives Think ' 1927). Nash the musician has gone on to create the music scores for such recent cult films as "Roadkill" and "Highway 61': both directed by Bruce McDonald.

Between experiments with film and music. Nash The Slash became a familiar name to music fans through his association with the pop electronic group FM. Having co-written the hit songs "Phasors on Stun " and "Just Like You" Nash established his credibility as a versatile artist His talents have been recognized with a U-KNOW (later called CASBY) award for best instrumental artist as well as a JUNO nomination for best new male vocalist. Nash's profile was raised on the international stage when he toured the world with the likes of Gary Numan and Iggy Pop. Other high- profile shows include opening for The Who at C.N.E. Stadium in Toronto to a crowd of 70,000 people, and opening for The Tubes at a sold-out Maple Leaf Gardens.

Nash has recently recorded new music for the silent film classics "The cabinet of Dr. Caligari" (1919) and "The Lost World "(1925).

Nash continues to do unique film scores for other silent film classics including "Nosferatu " and the original "Phantom of the Opera ".

Nash has released numerous solo albums, the best known being "Children of the Night" with the hit single "Dead Man's Curve". Other albums include "Decomposing" the first record playable at any speed (reviewed in Playboy Magazine 1982) and "American bandages' a collection of all-American classics such as "We 're an American band's "Who Do You Love" and "Psychotic Reaction".

The most recent release of Nash's music is a CD compilation of his first two recordings entitled "Blind Windows". it is a collection of all instrumental music textured with early analog synths and Nash's distinctive electric mandolin and violin riffs. The CD has been distributed throughout the world, and reached #3 on the Canadian Indie Charts in 1997. New material is being prepared for a CD release in the winter of 1998. (this material appears on the 1999 album 'Thrash'.)

Nash continues to perform live in the Toronto area and has recently written a comprehensive handbook for the independent musician.

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