Mick Karn


Mick Karn, bass player for the band "Japan" in the 80s, and solo artist, was the first fretless bass player Gary employed, and played on the 1981 album "Dance."

In addition to Gary Numan, Karn has also played sessions for Kate Bush (on various occasions, including her forthcoming album), Robert Palmer, Joan Armatrading, Bill Nelson, Midge Ure, Yello, Sugizo (Luna Sea member), Masami Tsuchiya (on numerous occasions from the 80's up to the present day), Yukihiro Takahashi, Akiko Yano and Miu Sakamoto (Ryuichi Sakamoto and Akiko Yano's daughter). He also played live at several Princes Trust and other charity concerts, usually in one of the all star bands alongside Midge Ure and Brian May (Queen).



with Japan -

Adolescent Sex (1978)
Obscure Alternatives (1978)
Quiet Life (1979)
Gentlemen Take Polaroids (1980)
Assemblage (1981)
Tin Drum (1981)
Oil On Canvas (1983)
Rain Tree Crow (1990, as Rain Tree Crow)

Solo/with ex-Japan members -

Titles (1982)
After A Fashion (single with Midge Ure, 1983)
The Waking Hour (with Pete Murphy as Dalis car, 1984)
Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters (1986)
Bestial Cluster (1992)
Polytown (1993)
The Tooth Mother (1994)
Beginning to Melt (1995, with Jansen & Barbieri as JBK)
Seed (1996, JBK)
Liquid Glass (with Hanno, 1997)
Ism (1998, JBK)
NiNa (group with Kate Pierson & ex-Plastics members - Christmas No1 in Japan, 1999)
The D.E.P. (2001, with Masami Tsuchiya etc)
Playing In A Room With People (2001, JBK live album)
Each Eye A Path (2001)
Each Eye A Path Remix (due out soon)

Thanks to Paul Rymer @The JAPAN website: www.nightporter.co.uk for discography info!

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