Jackie Rawe

Thanks to Jackie Rawe for the picture, info, and anecdotes.


Jackie appeared on Numan's Machine & Soul album, notably the song "Emotion," and sang with Gary on two tours.


Jackie Rawe began her singing career at age 17, and has sung with many artists throughout her career. She's also been writing songs since 1986, both for herself and other artists.

Artists she's worked with include: Elton John, Celine Dion, Shakatak, Pulp, Suzi Quatro, Richard O'Brien, Cher, Tony Hadley, Atomic Kitten, Jimmy Nail, Mike & The Mechanics, and far too many others to mention here. For a complete list see her website:


Jackie kindly forwarded these snippets about her time touring with Gary:

"Gary used to like staying in his hotel room until the last minute before we had to leave, and he never ate breakfast in the hotel, so every morning on the road we used to look out for a Little Chef as he liked a full English breakfast. We used to sing a song on the bus like football fans if you can imagine, Little Chef, Little Chef, Little Chef......etc. I used to eat breakfast in the hotel as it was free but I couldn't resist eating something at the little chef so I always put on weight when I toured with Gary.

"When we rehearsed before a tour we always stayed at Gary's house and had a lot of laughs. What I liked about Gary was that he didn't separate himself from the musicians like some artists do. We were all in it together."


I Believe in Dreams1985Fanfare Records
When You Walk in the Room (w/Paul Carrack)1987Chrysalis Records
I Believe in Dreams1997Almighty Records

Jackie has also recorded an album, which is available from her website.

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