Paul Gardiner

Thanks to Richard at Numanme for the picture.


Paul, as well as being a good friend to Gary, was instrumental in getting Tubeway Army a record deal. He played bass in Tubeway Army from its inception, and stayed on as bass player for "the Numan band," up until the Farewell Concert in 1981. That same year he recorded a single "Stormtrooper In Drag" (which Gary Sang vocals and played keyboards on). But by this time he was growing apart from Gary due to a heroin addiction.
His final recording before a tragic overdose in 1984, was a cover of Velvet Underground's "Venus In Furs." As a tribute, Gary made it the first record released on the Numa label. Paul's individual bass style was an integral part of the early Numan sound, and will never be matched.



Stormtrooper In Drag (single)1981Beggars Banquet
Venus In Furs (single)1984Numa

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