Connie Filapello

Connie Filapello with Mick Karn
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First got a job in the music industry as the switchboard operator in Japan's office in 1978 - her boyfriend Richard Chadwick asked his business partner Simon Napier-Bell to take her on. After one day he fired her; Connie begged him for another chance and stated that she could get some publicity for the group. She promptly went out and secured Japan a 5 page article in The Sunday Times Magazine, and was kept on as the group's publicist. From that point on she went from strength to strength, coming up with publicity stunts like David Sylvian being "the most beautiful man in the world" etc. She later went on to be a spokesperson for many top artists including George Michael and Mariah Carey.

As far as recording goes, as far as I know, she only ever provided vocals for Gary Numan and the album "Out Of Reach"(1982) by Akira Mitake, which was produced by Richard Barbieri from Japan.

-Paul Rymer, The JAPAN website:


Gary Numan - Boys Like Me (album track from "Dance")1981Beggar's Banquet
Akira Mitake - Out Of Reach (album)1982?

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