Review by Joshua Blanc

Jo The waiter
I Dream Of Wires
Down In The Park
A Question Of Faith
Dominion Day
Love Is Like Clock Law
You Are In My Vision
I Still Remember
Cars (Jazz Mix)

Jo The Waiter - A slow-rock reinterpretation, built around the acoustic guitar which defines the original. This has a groovy bassline, and is a good opening track.

I Dream Of Wires - This mix is very well done. A dance beat, hard guitar, and synths in the background. My second favourite track on the album.

Cars - Cars played as a rock song, with a (real) drum beat similar in tempo to "Remember, I Was Vapour." The guitar improvisations at the end are fantastic, and make up for the sparse synths.

Stories - Great, great song! I think I like Jim's drum track better than the overused beat on the original. It reminds me of a song by "White Town." Jim's voice is even similar to Jyoti Mishra's at times.

Down In The Park - I think Jim's rendition of this song is even darker than Marylin Manson's. Very brooding synths and vocals, and grinding guitar.

A Question Of Faith - A similar mix to "I Dream Of Wires," with a dance beat and heavy guitar, and heavy vocals which lighten up during the chorus. It took a few listens before I liked this song, as it's hard to match the complexity of the original.

Dominion Day - An acoustic mix of Dominion Day? I wasn't sure what to expect, but it works. Jim's built up several layers of strumming and fingerpicking, and added a few vocal effects at key times to create an emotional rendering of this song.

Love Is Like Clock Law - I'm a sucker for Numan's ballads, and this is my favourite track on the CD. The gentle strumming, soft synth drone, and weeping guitar in place of the sax solo. Mmm, that's the stuff.

Metal - This is how Metal might have sounded if Gary had written it in the Tubeway Army days - straight-out rock.

You Are In My Vision - Now this is an interesting track. I can imagine Collective Soul singing this. Nice touch!

I Still Remember - Another great ballad, sung with all the hurt and emotion of the original.

Cars (Jazz Mix) - An original and catchy take on Cars, which could almost be a completely different song. Some great instrumentation, and it ends the album well.

Thankyou, Jim, for sharing this tribute with the world.