Gary's last album for Beggars Banquet was the first to feature female backing vocals (if you don't count Dance). It was also the first to have a producer other than Gary himself: Bill Nelson from Be Bop Deluxe. Bill eventually left Gary to it (because of artistic differences). The album features some excellent saxophone playing by Dick Morrissey, and fretless bass courtesy of Joe Hubbard. The synths are atmospheric - creating images of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


Orginal release:

1. Warriors5:50
2. I Am Render4:46
3. The Iceman Comes4:25
4. This Prison Moon3:18
5. My Centurion5:22
6. Sister Surprise8:29
7. The Tick Tock Man4:22
8. Love Is Like Clock Law4:00
9. The Rhythm Of The Evening5:54

Bonus Tracks (1993 reissue):

10. My Car Slides (1)3:01
11. My Car Slides (2)4:42
12. Poetry And Power4:25
13. Face To Face (Letters)3:46
14. Cars ('E' Reg Extended Model)6:12
15. Cars (Motorway Mix)4:30

Bonus Tracks (2002 Remaster):

10. Poetry And Power
11. My Car Slides (1)
12. My Car Slides (2)
13. Nameless And Forgotten
14. Sister Surprise (single version)
15. Warriors (full length version)


Sister Surprise


Gary Numan - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
John Webb - Keyboards, Percussion
Cedric Sharpley - Drums, Percussion
Chris Payne - Viola, Keyboards
Rrussel Bell - Guitar
Joe Hubbard - Bass
Dick Morrissey - Saxophone
Tracey Ackerman - Vocals
Bill Nelson - Guitar, Keyboards
Terry Martin - Keyboards (on 'The Tick Tock Man')