Tubeway Army


After a series of demos and singles (eventually released as "The Plan") Gary and his band recorded this album in a week. It was originally to be a ten-song LP called "Everyday I Die," but its release was delayed, and in that time Gary recorded two extra songs "Listen To The Sirens" and "Zero Bars." The three-piece Tubeway Army consisted of Gary on guitar and synth, his uncle Jess Lidyard on drums, and good friend Paul Gardiner on bass. The songs are part-rock, part-punk, guitar-based and laced with electronic experimentation. Although there were no singles released, the album itself sold out its original pressing of 5000. Acoustic "Jo The Waiter" is often played as an encore at Numan's live gigs.


Original release:

1. Listen to the Sirens3:06
2. My Shadow in Vain2:59
3. The Life Machine2:46
4. Friends2:31
5. Something’s in the House4:15
6. Everyday I Die2:25
7. Steel and You4:45
8. My Love is a Liquid3:33
9. Are You Real?3:26
10. The Dream Police3:39
11. Jo the Waiter2:41
12. Zero Bars (Mr. Smith)3:11

1993 Bonus Tracks:

13. Fadeout 19303:10
14. Down In The Park (live)4:33
15. On Broadway (live)4:54
16. Everyday I Die (live)3:43
17. Remember I Was Vapour (live)4:46

Bonus Tracks (1999 Remaster) Live At The Roxy Bonus Disk:
This concert was originally a bootleg.

Positive Thinking
Blue Eyes
You Don't Know Me
My Shadow In Vain
Me My Head
That's Too Bad
Basic J
Do Your Best
Oh! Didn't I Say
I'm A Poseur
White Light / White Heat
Kill St. Joy




Gary Numan - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Paul Gardiner - Backing Vocals, Bass
Jess Lidyard - Drums