The Fury


The Fury has an overall pop feel. No live drums were used, and the synths were mostly Rolands (think of bands like Sparks or A-ha), giving it that mid-80's sound. There are a couple of samples from "Blade Runner" for good measure.


Orginal release: (Numa 1003)

1. Call Out The Dogs4:41
2. This Disease4:06
3. Your Fascination4:46
4. Miracles3:38
5. The Pleasure Skin4:10
6. Creatures5:11
7. Tricks5:41
8. God Only Knows5:26
9. I Still Remember4:06

Bonus Tracks (1998 UK Remaster):

10. We Need It
11. Anthem
12. No Shelter
13. Puppets
14. The Fear

Bonus Tracks (1998 U.S. Remaster):

10. Call Out The Dogs (extended)6:56
11. I Still Remember (12" version)5:22
12. Anthem (b-side)3:29
13. Tribal (demo)5:57
14. The Fear (95 remix)6:16


Your Fascination
Call Out The Dogs
I Still Remember (12")


Gary Numan - Keyboards, Vocals
Mike Smith - Keyboards
Ian Herron - Guitars
Dick Morrissey - Saxophone
Ian Ritchie - Saxophone (on 'Miracles')
Andy Coughlan - Bass
Martin Elliott - Bass
Tracey Ackerman - Vocals
Tessa Niles - Vocals