Strange Charm


Strange Charm features a lot of synth bass, with fretless being used only on a couple of tracks. Chris Payne adds a little of his viola magic on the opening track "My Breathing" (co-produced by band-member Ade Orange), and Bill Sharpe writes the music to "New Thing From London Town."


Orginal release:

1. My Breathing6:36
2. Unknown and Hostile4:27
3. The Sleeproom5:16
4. New Thing from London Town5:53
5. I Can't Stop5:45
6. Strange Charm5:01
7. The Need7:04
8. This is Love4:03

Bonus Tracks (1998 UK Remaster):

9. Survival
10. Faces
11. Time To Die
12. River
13. Mistasax (2)

Bonus Tracks (1998 U.S. Remaster):

9. New Thing From London Town (12" version)
10. Time To Die (B-side)
11. Faces (B-side)
12. Survival (B-side)


New Thing From London Town / Time To Die
I Can't Stop / Faces
This Is Love / Survival


Gary Numan - Vocals, Keyboards
Ade Orange - Guitars, Keyboards
Mike Smith - Keyboards
Ian Herron - Drum Programming
Dick Morrissey - Saxophone
Rrussel Bell - Guitar, Vocals
Bill Sharpe - Keyboards
Roger Odelle - Drum Programming
Mark Railton - Lead Guitar
Chris Payne - Violin
Jess Lidyard - Percussion
Martin Elliott - Bass
Tessa Niles - Vocals
Linda Taylor - Vocals