When he recorded Sacrifice, Gary forgot about trying to write "hits" and wrote songs for himself. The result: he enjoyed making it, and it became a welcome return to form. Gary played almost all the instruments himself, and created songs based around complex drum loops.

A version of this album was released in the U.S. in 1997 as "Numan * Dawn" with fantastic paintings by Joseph Michael Linsner from his Dawn series of comic books.


Orginal release:

1. Pray3:55
2. A Question Of Faith4:29
3. Deadliner4:29
4. Desire3:47
5. Scar3:25
6. Love And Napalm5:08
7. You Walk In My Soul4:39
8. Magic4:42
9. Bleed6:10
10. The Seed Of A Lie5:25

1998 Bonus Tracks (UK):

11. Play Like God
12. Whisper Of Truth
13. Metal Beat (demo)
14. Absolution (original single)


A Question Of Faith / Play Like God / Whisper Of Truth
Magic / Play Like God (US)


Gary Numan - All instruments and vocals except:
Kipper - Extra Guitar and solo on "Scar", Synth Bass on "Love And Napalm"
T.J. Davies - Backing Vocals on "Scar"