Metal Rhythm

New Anger


Gary was signed to IRS records when he recorded this album. The american edition: "New Anger" was tampered with. The track listing was rearranged, two songs (good ones) were dropped, one remixed, and two songs from Berserker were tacked on the end. Despite this, the album is well regarded. The production is polished, it has a rock feel, and "Voix" became a concert fave. Long out of print, Metal Rhythm was re-released by EMI in 1999.


Metal Rhythm:

1. This Is Emotion4:02
2. Hunger4:28
3. New Anger3:19
4. Devious4:15
5. America3:30
6. Voix4:57
7. Respect4:06
8. Young Heart3:00
9. Cold Metal Rhythm4:26
10. Don't Call My Name3:41

New Anger (IRSD-82005):

1. Devious (remix)3:35
2. America3:30
3. Cold Metal Rhythm4:26
4. This Is Emotion4:02
5. Don't Call My Name3:41
6. Voix 4:57
7. Respect4:06
8. New Anger (remix)3:19
9. My Dying Macine (William Orbit remix)6:33
10. Child With The Ghost4:03

Bonus Tracks (1999 Remaster):

I Don't Believe
My Dying Machine (William Orbit Mix)
Devious (Andy Piercy Mix)
America (Remix)


New Anger


Gary Numan - Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Programming
Keith Beauvais - Guitar
Peter Haycock - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Rrussel Bell - Guitar
Ian Herron - Percussion
Mike Smith - Keyboards
Andy Coughlan - Bass
Martin Elliott - Bass
Dick Morrissey - Saxophone
Chris Payne - Violin
Tessa Niles - Backing Vocals