Synthesizers were more prominent on this album, making it an electronic/rock hybrid with science-fiction lyrics. This was Gary's first number 1 album, and also produced his first number 1 hit: "Are Friends Electric?"


Original release: (BEGA 7)

1. Me! I Disconnect From You3:19
2. Are 'Friends' Electric?5:21
3. The Machman3:06
4. Praying To The Aliens3:55
5. Down In The Park4:20
6. You Are In My Vision3:12
7. Replicas4:58
8. It Must Have Been Years3:59
9. When The Machines Rock3:12
10. I Nearly Married A Human6:26

Bonus Tracks (1999 remaster):

11. Do You Need The Service?
12. The Crazies
13. Only A Downstat
14. We Have A Technical
15. We Are So Fragile
16. I Nearly Married A Human (2)


Down In The Park
Are `Friends' Electric?


Gary Numan - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Paul Gardiner - Backing Vocals, Bass
Jess Lidyard - Drums