Many feel that Pure is one of Numan's best-ever albums. Big fuzzy guitars, industrial noises, and Numan's keen use of melodic piano & synths make this an album with wider appeal than it's precursors "Exile" and "Sacrifice." Heavy, powerful, and anthemic songs share space here with some deeply moving ballads. The album was co-produced by the UK industrial band "Sulpher."


1. Pure
2. Walking With Shadows
3. Rip
4. One Perfect Lie
5. My Jesus
6. Fallen
7. Listen To My Voice
8. A Prayer For The Unborn
9. Torn
10. Little InVitro
11. I Can't Breathe


Rip (2 CD limited edition)


Gary Numan - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Programming
Monti - Drums, Programming, Keyboards
Rob Holliday - Guitars, Keyboards
Steve Harris - Guitar
Richard Beasley - Drums