The Pleasure Principle


Gary decided not to use guitar at all on The Pleasure Principle, relying on Moogs, ARPs, and electric viola to create a futuristic sound. He also started using electronic percussion on this album. "Cars" hit number 1 in several countries.


Original release:

1. Airlane3:18
2. Metal3:28
3. Complex3:10
4. Films4:08
5. M.E.5:35
6. Tracks2:49
7. Observer2:53
8. Conversation7:32
9. Cars3:49
10. Engineers3:58

Bonus Tracks (1998 Remaster):

11. Random3:48
12. Oceans2:59
13. Asylum2:29
14. Me! I Disconnect From You (live)3:03
15. Bombers (live)5:47
16. Remember I Was Vapour (live)
17. On Broadway (live)

The bonus tracks for the 1993 release were the same with the exception that tracks 16 and 17 weren't included.


Complex / Bombers (live) / Me! I Disconnect From You (live) (12" single)
Cars / Asylum (UK)
Cars / Metal (U.S.)


Gary Numan - Vocals, Keyboards, Synthetic Percussion
Christopher Payne - Keyboards, Viola
Paul Gardiner - Bass
Cedric Sharpley - Drums, Percussion
Billy Currie - Fadeout Violin
Garry Robson - Backing Vocals