Outland is a mix of funk and dark imagery, with subject matter ranging from alienation to the idolization of automobiles. It features samples from films such as Blade Runner, Predator, and Red Heat, and both real and sampled brass. Shortly after Outland's release, IRS records went bust. It has now been remastered and re-released (with bonus tracks) on EMI.


Orginal release:

1. (Interval 1)1:13
2. Soul Protection3:36
3. Confession4:17
4. My World Storm3:43
5. Dream Killer4:22
6. Dark Sunday4:02
7. Outland4:05
8. Heart4:06
9. (Interval 2)0:19
10. From Russia Infected 4:30
11. (Interval 3)0:39
12. Devotion4:13
13. Whisper4:20

Bonus Tracks:

Tread Careful
My World Storm (US Promo Mix)
My World Storm (Alternative Mix)


Heart / Icehouse / Tread Careful
My World Storm


Gary Numan - Vocals, Keyboards, Drum/Percussion PGM, Samples, Acoustic Guitar, Fretless Bass, Brass Samples
Mike Smith - Keyboards, Percussion PGM, Toms, Guitar Sample, Slide Guitar, Brass, Brass/Sax Samples, Stick Sample, Fretless Bass, Bongoes, Acoustic Guitar
Keith Beauvais - Guitar
Rrussell Bell - Guitar
Paul Harvey - Rhythm/Slide Guitar
Dick Morrissey - Saxophone
Tim Whitehead - Saxophone
Nick Beggs - Stick, Bass
Cathi Ogden - Vocals