Machine And Soul


Released on Numa Records after IRS was sold to EMI, Machine And Soul suffered when it failed in the UK charts. It features a cover of Prince's "U Got The Look," and samples from other bands as diverse as Michael Jackson and Tears For Fears. Numan considers this album to be the low-point of his career. Suffering tremendous "writer's block" during it's creation, he relied heavily on other musicians' input. Despite this, it does have its moments.


Orginal release:

1. Machine and Soul5:57
2. Generator6:08
3. The Skin Game6:23
4. Poison5:02
5. I Wonder4:28
6. Emotion5:31
7. Cry4:45
8. U Got the Look3:57
9. Love Isolation4:38

1998 Bonus Tracks (UK)

10. Hanoi
11. Dark Mountain
12. The Hauntings
13. 1999
14. Cry Baby (demo)
15. Wonder Eye (demo)

1998 Bonus Tracks (US)

10. Hanoi
11. In A Glasshouse
12. Wonder Eye (demo)
13. Cry Baby (demo)
14. The Hauntings
15. 1999
16. Dark Mountain


Emotion / Hanoi / In A Glasshouse
Machine And Soul / The Hauntings / 1999
The Skin Game / Dark Mountain


Gary Numan - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Kipper - Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Keith Beauvais - Guitars
Mike Smith - Keyboards
Susie Webb - Backing Vocals
Zoe Nicholas - Backing Vocals
Jackie Rawe - Backing Vocals
Cathi Ogden - Backing Vocals