Dance was a change in direction for Gary, without totally abandoning the sound of Telekon. He began experimenting with fretless bass, and even saxophone - which both became used frequently on future releases. The style ranges from ambient to funk, to synth-rock. Only one single was released: She's Got Claws," but there are other single-worthy songs on here.


Original release:

1. Slowcar to China9:07
2. Night Talk4:30
3. A Subway Called "You"4:41
4. Cry, the Clock Said9:59
5. She's Got Claws5:00
6. Crash3:41
7. Boys Like Me4:17
8. Stories 3:13
9. My Brother's Time4:38
10. You Are, You Are4:04
11. Moral4:34

Bonus Tracks (1999 Remaster):

12. Stormtrooper In Drag4:57
13. Face To Face3:46
14. Dance2:45
15. Exhibition4:27
16. I Sing Rain2:30

Love Needs No Disguise was also included on the 1993 reissue, but was taken off for the remaster in favour of Face To Face and the never-before-heard "Dance."


She's Got Claws
Stormtrooper In Drag
Love Needs No Disguise


Gary Numan - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Bass, Handclaps
Christopher Payne - Viola
Cedric Sharpley - Drums
Paul Gardiner - Guitar, Keyboards
Mick Karn (Japan) - Bass, Saxophone
Tim Steggles - Percussion
Rob Dean - Guitar
Sean Lynch - Programming
Roger Taylor (Queen) - Drums, Percussion
Nash The Slash (FM) - Violin
John Webb - Keyboards, Handclaps
Jess Lidyard - Drums
Connie Fillapello - Voice
Roger Mason - Keyboards
Mick Prague - Bass