Berserker was released on Gary's own record label: Numa Records. Fretless bass was used again, and computerized synthesizers like the PPG Wave were introduced.


Orginal release:

1. Berserker5:50
2. This is New Love6:15
3. The Secret5:54
4. My Dying Machine5:53
5. Cold Warning4:03
6. Pump it Up4:45
7. The God Film4:41
8. A Child with the Ghost3:04
9. The Hunter4:31

1998 Bonus Tracks (UK):

10. Empty Bed, Empty Heart
11. Here Am I
12. She Cries
13. Rumour
14. This Ship Comes Apart

1998 Bonus Tracks (US):

Berserker (Extended)6:47
Empy Bed, Empty Heart3:12
My Dying Machine (Extended)9:23
Here Am I5:46


Berserker / Empty Bed, Empty Heart
My Dying Machine / Here Am I


Gary Numan - Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Payne - Keyboards, Viola
Ced Sharpley - Drums
Rrussell Bell - Guitars
John Webb - Keyboards, Programming
Martin Elliott - Bass
Andy Coughlan - Bass on 'Cold Warning'
Pat Kyle - Saxaphone
Tessa Niles - Vocals
Tracy Ackerman - Vocals
Zaine Griff - Backing Vocals on 'The Secret'
Mike Smith - PPG Programming
Ian Herron - PPG Programming