This album was a collaboration between Numan and Bill Sharpe (of Shakatak). The music was by Sharpe, while Numan provided lyrics and vocals. The album is probably the closest to mainstream pop Numan has been - there's some lively synth-pop on here, and some equally decent ballads. It was recorded shortly before Numan acquired a record deal with IRS records and made his popular "Metal Rhythm" album.


1. Change Your Mind
2. Turn Off The World
3. No More Lies
4. Breathe In Emotion
5. Some New Game
6. I'm On Automatic
7. Rip It Up
8. Welcome To Love
9. Voices
10. Nightlife

Bonus Tracks:

11. No More Lies (Original 12" Mix)
12. I'm On Automatic (12" Mix)


Change Your Mind
I'm On Automatic
No More Lies


Gary Numan - Lead Vocals
Bill Sharpe - Keyboards
Roger Odell - Drums
John Davies - Synth Programming
Mitch Dalton - Guitar
Tessa Niles - Backing Vocals
Linda Taylor - Backing Vocals