I, Assassin


I, Assassin builds on the jazzy elements of dance, sounds less experimental, and produced more hits. "We Take Mystery (To Bed)" made the top ten. Drummer Chris Slade (Manfredd Mann's Earth Band) plays alongside Numan's drum machines, and Pino Palladino gives Mick Karn's fretless bass a run for its money.


Orginal release:

1. White Boys and Heroes6:27
2. War Songs5:10
3. A Dream of Siam6:17
4. Music for Chameleons6:08
5. This is My House4:57
6. I, Assassin5:28
7. The 1930's Rust3:58
8. We Take Mystery (To Bed)6:12

Bonus Tracks (2002 Remaster):

9. War Games3:55
10. Glitter And Ash4:45
11. The Image Is5:55
12. This House Is Cold5:28
13. Noise Noise3:45
14. We Take Mystery (To Bed) (early version)5:56
15. Bridge? What Bridge?4:23


Music For Chameleons
We Take Mystery (To Bed)
White Boys And Heroes


Gary Numan - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Roger Mason - Keyboards
Pino Palladino - Fretless Bass, Guitar
Chris Slade - Drums, Percussion
John Webb - Percussion
Mike - Saxophone, Harmonica