Every now and again, I take a break from my own music to try my hand at covering a Numan song. I've always loved how his music, particularly the early stuff, is simple to play, brimming with catchy melodies, and awash with interesting sounds.

You can find my latest covers here, free to download, along with a list of all my covers to date. I only have limited web-space so can only offer a few at a time, but if you'd like any of the others, give me a shout and I'll do a yousendit.

#6 Metal (Stylophonic Version)
This was made using minimal lo-fi gear and a few fx plugins. The chief instrument is a Stylophone, and all other sounds (including drums) are either sampled from or played on circuit-bent kids toys.

#5 Everyday I Die (Remastered)
Probably my favourite of the covers I've done. I've remastered it, after improving the mix. This uses a ryhthm loop from the Univox SR-95, Cheezemachine VST, a Linn-drum kit, Novation K-Station, and Analogx Sayit.

#4 Observer (demo)
This is the first thing I did with the K-Station (analog synth) when I got it. It's very rough and mixed a little hot. One day I hope to go back and redo it.

#3 Replicas
Created for and dedicated to Mr. Greig Martin, an incredible Numan fan and friend of mine who passed away last year. Chiefly made with Fruityloops, an Optimus MD-1200, and a very early softsynth (the name of which escapes me).

#2 Tracks (dance version)
At the time I made this, I hadn't worked out the piano parts for this song, so I programmed some arpeggios based on the other parts. Made using Fruityloops and some modified acid loops.

#1 Seed Of A Lie
Long one of my favourite Numan songs. Most of this is done on the Optimus MD-1200 keyboard, which has the ability to play two patches at once, thus I could emulate the piano/synth Numan used on this song. I quite like my string section. There's some Fruityloops on this too.

These songs were written by Gary Numan, and arranged/mixed/etc... by me. All rights reserved by the respective authors :)

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